Island Sole


The Aloha State of Mind.

Spreading aloha with every step. That's our mission, and it's one we take very seriously. We feel fortunate to live and work here in Hawaii, and we want to share this carefree vibe with everyone who visits our stores! Whether it’s a pair of Hawaii-themed slippers or a locally-designed tank top, we want to help you find your aloha.

Island Sole was born in Hawaii to provide quality, casual footwear for all occasions and for all people. From the start, we set out to be more than just a footwear store. We wanted to be a place where you could pull up a chair and feel welcomed, as if you were amongst ‘ohana; a place where you could leave your worries at the door and experience firsthand what the Aloha Spirit means to us. 

It's more than just a behavior. It's a state of mind.

Our mascot and state bird of Hawaii, the Nene.

Our mascot and state bird of Hawaii, the Nene.

What's up with the Goose?

The Nene Goose is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s considered to be the rarest goose in the world, and is the official state bird of Hawaii. Rescued from the brink of extinction by a long-running conservation program, the Nene is protected within national parks on both Hawaii and Maui islands. Although not completely self-sustaining, the Nene Goose nevertheless represents a major conservation success story here in the islands.

Our goal is to support this incredible species by creating awareness and sharing its remarkable story. As stewards of the land, we believe it is our kuleana (responsibility) to do our part to protect this endangered species. We can all make a difference if we tread lightly & spread aloha with every step.